Sunday, June 19, 2016

I hate deerflies

Happy Father's Day

Have you been wondering what to get dad for Father's Day? Click this link and get him some TredNot Deerfly Patches from Amazon. While you are there pick up an electric fly swatter. Nothing smells better than an incinerated deerfly.

These things hurt and can ruin a perfectly nice walk. For some reason they have all migrated to my street and spend their time practicing landing on my head as I beat myself senseless trying to kill them before they cut a cross shaped incision and lap up the blood. Cursed things. The patches really work and it is gratifying to see them beating their wings trying to escape from the glue. Before these I coated a hardhat with tanglefoot and managed to get it into my hair. It worked but made me look more ridiculous than usual. 

Deerflies can carry disease according to Wikipedia but I guess I should take solace that our variety doesn't carry Loa Loa filariasis. However a disease like Tularemia will ruin your day, a disease that was considered for use as a biological weapon (your tax dollars at work).

The Deerfly Patch at work. What a wonderful product. They land but never leave.

The  Greek name for the genus is Chrysops and refers to the coloration of the eye (green and gold)

Up close and personal, you can see the biting parts of this fly. I found a YouTube video that someone made of himself being bitten, the ultimate "selfie".

Same photo zoomed out, These flies are posing because they are glued to the patch.

A friend to humankind! Dragonflies will catch and eat deerflies and mosquitoes too!

I once watched a dragonfly catch a deerfly on the wing and carry it over to a perch where it ate its head. That was a sight to behold. This guy is smiling about it. I hate deeflies but love dragonflies.

Enjoy your day!