Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Poltrack Garden 2016 - Cactus Flower

Good Morning,

Several years ago I ordered some high altitude cactus from Intermountain Cactus located in Kaysville Utah. They are shipped for New England planting as bare pads wrapped in Newspaper. The spines on these things are formidable, they can easily penetrate leather work gloves.

What makes these cacti unique is that they are hardy to zone 5 which matches our climate. However they require good drainage, so I grow them in a sandbox. Most of the varieties are in the Opuntia genus commonly called "prickly pair". They take a beating in winter and look almost dead, but by June I get some blossoms. I'm still trying to work out a way to weed around them without getting stabbed. Gloves don't help but a curved bonsai cultivator allowed me to tease out a few of the weeds.

Hardy cactus can be found locallyat Mason Hollow Nursery in Mason, NH. They will be holding an open house on June 25 and 26th 2016 from 9am - 5pm.

First cactus flower of 2016

A Hydrangea Blossom appeared
This variety called Incrediball can produce flower heads up to 12 inches acrosss

I purchased this plant from Mason Hollow Nursery

Blossoms of a Chinese Fringe tree, delicate and fragrant
Night Sky Petunia, second bloom purchased from Amazing Flower Farm

 A few words from our sponsor

National Geographic - August 1917
"It saves me a dull hour or two"

Two hours to eat a bowl of puffed wheat?