Friday, June 10, 2016

Poltrack Garden 2016

Good Morning,

I cut back some dead Rhododendron plants yesterday and pulled a few weeds. Here is the latest news from the garden,

Toxicodendron radicans - Poison Ivy
This stuff is growing everywhere. I am not as sensitive to Urushiol oil as some folks but take care to wear gloves when I tear it out.

Eryngium - Sea Holly
Last year I moved this plant to my cactus garden. I was positive I had killed it. However this year it is back and loaded with blossoms. I've very excited about this.

The cacti have wintered over successfully. I'm looking forward to some blossoms
Almost all my varieties are in the Opuntiideae subfamily

The first tomato blossom of 2016 and I see that I have an unwelcome guest, an aphid

There is a problem with this Black Gum Tree (Nyssa slvatica) that I got at the Children's Fair.
It appears to be under a lot of stress with this weird growth habit. I'll see how it does this yea.

Lupines are in full bloom. They have been self seeding for years and a welcome sight

I have no desire for a lawn and try to cultivate ground covers whenever possible. I have a few successful stands of European Ginger which I am hoping will spread. Another favorite is Sweet Woodruff which can be seen in this photo. Both plants do very well in the shade.

The Weigela shrub is beginning to bloom. I'm not that excited about this shrub, it is mostly for the hummingbirds

'Wine and Roses' Weigela

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