Thursday, June 16, 2016

Poltrack Garden 2016

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We are fast approaching the summer solstice and I've noticed the first of the summer flowers. Here is the latest garden news.

This photo demonstrates why weeding a cactus bed is hazardous. These spines can easily penetrate leather gloves

The Sea Holly flower buds are forming nicely. I wanted to get in close because I love the form of the leaves

The Pitcher Plant is in full flower and the traps are beginning to emerge

It's fragrant, it's pretty and it's invasive
Rosa multiflora will take over your world. It was INTRODUCED into the United States in 1866 as root stock for ornamental roses. In the 1930s it was promoted for erosion control and a living fence for livestock.  I hate this plant, it has nasty long vines covered with recurved spines. You will bleed when you encounter it.

Another invasive, oriental bittersweet, It has choked out at least one of my trees. It is locked in battle with the Rosa multiflora in parts of the yard.

Rosa rugosa - well behaved, fragrant and salt resistant
I grow this to remind me of the Cape

My first summer flower - Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)
They self seed nicely

Siberian Iris

Sweet Woodruff has taken over some of the shaded areas. What a great ground cover

My second cactus bloom, the petals are almost translucent.

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