Friday, June 17, 2016

Poltrack Garden - Floral Friday

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Good morning,

I noticed on my morning walk that I was being pestered by a deer fly. After a relatively bug free spring (except for the tick) I was hoping that they would not make their unwelcome appearance.  Time for the electric bug swatter. 

Another summer flower made its appearance yesterday, a lone sundrop. At one time I had a nice planting of these but they died out. This one must be lone survivor.

Guess I'll be seeing a lot more dandelions in the lawn

Every day this "Night Sky" Petunia get more spectacular. This came from Amazing Flower Farm in New Ipswich

Years ago I planted some comfrey with the idea that the leaves would be a good complement for compost. The plant has deep roots and acts a dynamic accumulator of nutrients. It was used medicinally in the past but found to contain liver damaging alkaloids. Bees love this plant and it comes up every year in clumps.

I was surprised to see this Sundrop (Oenothera) yesterday, I hope it spreads, it really brightens up the garden.

This stuff is wonderful
Get it at Amazing Flower Farm