Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Poltrack Garden - June 2016

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"The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there." 
George Bernard Shaw 
Good Morning,

We are finally getting some needed rain in New Hampshire. It has been very dry and I've been watering the garden along with spreading straw around the plants to preserve moisture. We've had our first mini-harvest of snap peas along with sprigs of parsley.  The first tomatoes are developing as well as a sweet pepper.

The Incrediball Hydrangea flowers are developing. Eventually they will form into a huge ball of white flowers
I have some tomatoes! They won't be ready by the Fourth of July though.

The Sea Holly is in full bloom. This blossom is shown against a purple moke tree background

I love the color and shape of this flower

Something happened to this wasp on this blanket flower, it seemed to be dead but I wasn't going to poke it. 

The butterfly weed is beginning to bloom. An excellent plant for Xericaping. It has a deep taproot which makes it hard to transplant. However it self seeds for me with no problem.

I'm not sure about this plant. I guessed it was wild chamomile. The leaves are aromatic when crushed. I tasted the blossoms which were really bitter. I assume they are not poisonous because I'm still alive.

Cranesbill Geranium seems to be growing all over the place. I never planted it, it just appeared.

Hemerocallis fulva "Ditch Lily"
This grows wild all along the roadsides. I planted it in areas that I didn't want to mow.

The Stella de Oro is a daylily that blooms continously throughout the summer

Mikweed blossoms are as complex as Orchid blossoms. They trap the insects to ensure pollination. These are not weeds but magnets for butterflies

A rose should have frangrance and the Rosa rugosa delivers. I grow these to remind me of the coastline where they are prolific.

The snoke tree is looking very "smoky". The effect is caused by the mature flower panicles.

The first pepper I spotted, variety 'Pinot Noir' a black sweet pepper