Saturday, July 09, 2016

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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There were large crowds of customers at the Green Center on Saturday, bringing in uniques items and leaving with different unique items. It was a wet misty day and perfect for browsing.

Like music? We have the player for it.

Check out this retro lamp with the fringe

Cats gather around a  candle. This is an interesting piece which I couldn't resist

Not one but three Snoopys

Oink Oink

Free at the green center as 45 RPM disks or purchase MP3 at

If you like cats the Green Center has a trivet for you

I am a conehead and this hat fit perfectly

Bric-à-brac with spooky eyes

Celebrate Christmas in July. The Center will be open on July 23rd for last minute Christmas in July shoppers.

Nice old school amplifier. The combo VHS Tape and DVD player has been taken. The Green Center is a museum of obsolete technology (which still works).

Lets see what the kids are cooking up.