Monday, July 18, 2016

Pickity Place

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Good Morning,

We had nice lunch at Pickity Place on Sunday in Mason, NH. I spent some time exploring the gardens which are in full bloom.

July Menu

Dip - St. Tropez Garlic 
Soup - Chilled Cantaloupe with Basil 
Salad - Red, White and Blue Potato 
Bread - Italian Rustic Loaf 

Entrée - Braised Beef Cuscino with Tomato, Pepper Jam 
— or —
Entrée - Ratatouille over Creamy Risotto 

Side - Freshest Available 
Dessert - Key Lime Pie with Spiced Rum Bananas 

Pickity Place as seen in the illustration of "Little Red Riding Hood" by Elizabeth Orton Jones

Witches Garden features medicinal herbs

In the witches garden I spotted what may or may not be poison hemlock

Grandma, what big eyes you have

Inside the drying shed

What "thyme" is it? A garden of different types of thyme

Gulf fritillary butterflies on Bee Balm

Not so scary scarecrow


Clematis are in the buttercup family