Thursday, July 07, 2016

When Things Go Wrong

"And how Windows 10 made it worse"
I received an ominous message the other day when I shut down my computer that a hard drive failure was imminent. When the system ground to a crawl I realized that a hard drive had expired.

My computer has a RAID 0 configuration which mirrors the data across two hard drives. The concept is that if a disk dies, the other will still be accessible. This had happened before and I was able to recover with much angst. I learned the hard (and expensive) way that they disks must be exactly the same capacity and ideally the same brand.

I depended upon a RAID utility to configure the disks and check their status. I had an icon on the desktop that would show the health of the RAID and alerted me when it was ill. After the "upgrade" to Windows 10 all that is gone. I'm left wth that silly Cortana bot that states "Ask Me Anything".  How about "Hey Microsoft, what the hell did you do with my RAID utility".

Eventually I did get my computer running again with a new disk which may or may not be acting as a RAID. However in my haste to clear up space I managed to trash my catalog file for Lightroom. This is not a trivial matter considering there are decades of photos to re-catalog. My retirement years (when they come) will be booked for some time.

This helpful widget disappeared with the Windows 10 upgrade.
I learned from this that different size disks was not the way to do this.

In an vain attempt to save photos I tried a massive copy. I learned that I had way too many backup files but in my haste to clean them up I lost the catalog file too. This might have gone faster if my USB 3.0 connector has not stopped working. Eventually I gave up on this exercise, I don't have 17 hours to wait.