Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Welcome to Cape Cod - Be Afraid

I've been vacationing at the Cape since I was a teenager. In those years I never remember seeing a seal or hearing of a shark sighting. In 2009 that all changed when five sharks were tagged off the coast of Chatham, MA. When the seals returned the sharks followed. Since 2009, great white sharks have been sighted on the Cape every summer. Chatham seems to be the epicenter of the activities. None of the beaches were closed while we were there but a cautionary flag was being flown on the beaches.

Flags at Coast Guard Beach
We drove from Eastham to Chatham to watch the fishing boats return with their catch. This activity attracts a large number of seals and I confess to hoping that a great white might make an appearance. The Chatham Lighthouse beach is a beautiful beach but parking is impossible and after reading the signage, only the most foolhardy people would attempt to go into the water.

Chatham Light

The first of several scary signs

Abandon all hope of surviving your vacation