Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Drought 2016 - Lower Purgatory Falls

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During my vacation week I took the short hike along the MacLellan Trail to Lower Purgatory Falls. I realized that the drought would have reduced the flow and the falls would be merely a trickle. However it was even drier than I suspected.

MacLellan Trial is an easy short hike. However it is not marked very well and numerous paths branch out as you approach the falls. It was dry as can be and I think these leaves just gave up for the year.

A waterfall in which no water falls - Lower Purgatory Falls. Howerver it does have a puddle.

It is common to find ferns growing in leaf litter on rocks in the deep forest. These are severly distressed by the drought.

The upper part of the falls, you can see the waterline on the stones