Sunday, September 18, 2016

Drought 2016 - Meadow Brook, New Boston

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In November of 2014 my sister told me of some impressive beaver activity on Meadow Brook in New Boston. There were a number of large felled trees and and extensive dam that had created a large flooded area. I was curious to see what effect the current drought had on this habitat.

In November of 2014, a large flooded area along Meadow Road in New Boston. In this photo the beaver lodge is visible.

These creatures have impressive teeth

Animal chainsaws

The waters edge marks the beaver dam

In September of 2016 the entire area has been reclaimed by grass

The lack of water allowed me to get up close to a winterberrry shrub (Ilex verticillata) a wonderful wetland native holly

A new view of the beaver dam (right side). The soil had a bit of moisture but there was no sign of running water.

Two years of weather