Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

Good Morning, I volunteered at the Green Center on Saturday and saw the usual collection of interesting items (and people). Note that the next open date for the Green Center is October 15th. It will be closed on October 1st and on October 8th (Indigenous People's Day is Monday). See my calendar.

We had our first sighting of an invisbile child

A butterfly watering can

It would be nice just to know everything instead of those years wasted in school

Sorted buttons in a very nice cigar box

Our seasonal area has your Halloween items

Nothing is as funny as a clown with a golf ball in his eye socket?

I still can't figure out how this works

Just in time for Thanksgiving. This is an enamel with a painted design. This went quickly.

A bit of Coney Island at the Green Center

Black Lotus candle holder

Modeling a hat

Plenty of hats to choose from

This item did not last long before some customer took it home

How ironic is this for the Green Center?

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