Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin Regatta

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Curcubita maxima is a variety of squash that can exceed 2000 pounds. Every Autumn the New Hampshire town of Goffstown sponsors a Pumpkin Regatta featuring a race of the giant gourds in the Piscataquog River Reservoir in the center of town.

The festivities start with a pumpkin weigh off for the state championship. There is a drop of a giant gourd from 70 feet into a swimming pool, a road race, firing apples from sling shots and as a finale a race of the giant pumpkins piloted by folks in costumes. This year the theme was superheroes.

Students from Emerson College are making a documentary about the Regatta, more photos can be seen on their Facebook Page
Catwoman prowls the reservoir

Each pumpkin is numbered in a raffle, the first one to cross the finish line was supposed to be the winner. However the drought has slowed the current so a boat assist was required to herd them over the line.

Film Crew

We have a winner, over $1000

Sound crew and drone operator for the documentary

Boo! Target for apples by slingshots

This pooch was not watching the festivities

The race is on

Battling for first place

Taking the early lead


Sponsored by various groups

Look it's ANTMAN

Crowd gets splashed too

The Hulk

Doctor DOOM

It was a warm day, everyone gets wet


Eyes in the sky over the event