Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday

No one has ever died clicking on my Amazon Link on Cyber Monday. The same cannot be stated for the customers on Black Friday.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Missing Photos and Dead Links

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Nine years ago my cousin Dave Poltrack was quoted in the Sacramento Bee:

"One of the things that's probably overstated by the press is how many people are visiting online blogs," Poltrack said in a presentation to TV critics. "I think you all blog each other, but I'm not sure the rest of the world is joining in the process that much."In a conversation later, Poltrack said he would guess the majority of people who do read blogs are bloggers themselves."That does not leave a whole lot of real people who spend their time with blogs," he said.

What’s the story here? (LOC)
Photo from LOC - Why not include it?

In December 2016 I will reach a minor milestone.  At that point I've been doing "this" for 10 years. By "this" I mean blogging, i.e. posting  photos and commentary on family affairs, politics, nature, science, the arts and anything else that captures my imagination. For me it is therapeutic and a bit of an ego boost since I can see that folks actually read this thing.

However I must apologize for some shortcomings. I test software for a profession and when I look at websites I am keenly aware of broken links and missing images. Ironically my site is full of these. My feeble excuse is that is not all my fault. Linked sites are taken down and the reader sees the classic 404 - Not Found Message.

At some point Google dropped support for their Picasa product and my links to photos broke. The broken images appear as a triangle with an exclamation point in the center. It is ugly and embarassing and I delete these when I find them.

However currently there are 792 postings and I have to decide whether to go back and fix the old ones or move forward.

Thank you for staying with this for so many years

I hate when this happens, a broken image link!

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

Good Morning,
Hope you enjoyed our unseasonably warm weather on Saturday. The Green Center was busy on this weekend before Thanksgiving. All the Christmas decorations are out on display and the Center will be open on December 3rd, 10th and 17th for your shopping convenience.

A very nice Nativity Set arrived on Saturday

We are overloaded with children car seats, boosters and baby carriers. If you need these items please take a look.

These are good quality items

The wheelchair is still available

A traditional cookie jar

This ornament will definitely be on our tree

A partridge in a pear tree for Christmas

Creepy ceramic of the week

Not too late to mug for this blog with a Halloween donation 

When I posed for the photo, one of the partrons told the photographer to take a shot of me from behind, I had no idea why she said that. I didn't realize that someone (ETHEL FRATES) had secretly pinned a tail on me. At least it wasn't a KICK ME sign. I wore this thing for over an hour.

I always enjoy chatting with the regulars

This elegant silver plated planter showed up

Blessings from the Green Center

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I Hate Ticks

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There are some that say that these horrible things have a purpose, I disagree. Two days ago I noticed that I had what appeared to be a skin tag on my stomach. It was sore and the surrounding skin was red. I planned to see the doctor to have it looked at and removed. After a closer inspection I saw the LEGS! This has been a very dry summer and ticks have no been an issue, but we've been getting some rain and they are making up for lost time.

Ticks are blind, they cannot jump. They wait on grass blades with legs outstretched waiting for a host. This is called "questing". I keep thinking how this thing must have grabbed onto my foot and spent the day CRAWLING UP MY LEGS until it reached my belly. They CEMENT themselves to their hosts. I really had to tug to get this abomination off my body.

I'm waiting for a rash, or a fever or some awful Lyme Disease syndrome to appear.  This does not appear to be a deer tick, but frankly that does not make me feel any better.

I pulled this creature off my belly AFTER it had attached itself! Ugh!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day 2016

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Happy Veterans Day, I have a few photos to share from my Navy Days aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard. I was a Aviation Electronics Technician with HC-1, the "Fleet Angels". We were stationed at a Helicopter Base at the Ream Field Naval Air Station in Imperial Beach, California. We left for Yankee Station in 1970.

Home away from home, anchored in Hong Kong Harbor
I know I look about 15, but I was an old man at 24 when this photo was taken

We crossed the equator during the deployment and were promoted from lowly Polliwogs to Shellbacks as part of a Navy Tradition. It involved being baptized in a disgusting mix of salad dressing and kissing King Neptunes Belly. These were our Helo Pilots who dressed for the part.
King Neptune himself

Chief Hunter also dressed for the ceremony. He was assigned to one of the Fighter Suadrons and I enjoyed chatting with him. In my duties I delivered supplies to all the different squadrons and met some very interesting people.

Sadly I don't remember the names of the men I served with, It would be so easy today with Facebook and Smart Phones.

The HC-1 Crew

HC-1 Crew

Inside our Ready Room

Our Ready Room was just below the flight deck, 

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Your Vote Matters

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One year ago our community was fighting a corporation that attempting to take over land by eminent domain and construct a natural gas compressor station next to an elementary school. There were people that fought that politically. I intend to vote for them and for all the candidates that support the environment and social justice. I do not want to see an Attorney General Rudy Giulani, a Secretary of State Newt Gingrich  or a President Donald Trump.

Milford Labor Day Parade 2015

Laura Lynch and Mike Mansfield at Pipeline Resistance Rally - 2015
Lisa Beaudoin and Laura Lynch for State Representative (Vote for Both)

I was a Bernie supporter who will have no problem voting for Hillary
Dan Weeks

Lee Nyquist for State Senate

NOTE: Lee's political opponent has been lying about Lee's opposition to the pipeline with a number of lawn signs. Read the details at this Facebook Posting.

Peggy Gilmour

Learn about Trump's Picks for Scotus 

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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The Green Center schedule is posted on my calendar page

Halloween is over, soon we'll be rid of the candidate junk mail and we can start thinking about the holidays. As usual the place to go for Thanksgiving and Christmas items is the New Ipswich  Green Center. The center is open to the residents of Greenville and New Ipswich, NH. A parade of wonderful items arrived this Saturday. Here is a recap of some notable items.

We had no idea what this is supposed to be, maybe a planter. It is the right size for a squirrel toilet.

I planned to wear this for Halloween but it creeped me out. It belongs at the Green Center.

How many times have you wished you had a hot dog slicer?

I'm sure this is easy to clean after use, another treasure at the Green Center.

You will never ever have to buy another box of Christmas Cards, we have tons of them.

The Christmas Ornaments are out and on display

Santa has arrived

Happy Customers

I never got cool bottles like this when I worked there.

An original oil painting of Main Street

Sadly this tastesful toiler roll holder had a broken fin.

A rare item, whatever happened to hot air poppers?

Halloween is over, but Season 7 of Walking Dead is being shown, dress for the occasion.