Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day 2016

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Happy Veterans Day, I have a few photos to share from my Navy Days aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard. I was a Aviation Electronics Technician with HC-1, the "Fleet Angels". We were stationed at a Helicopter Base at the Ream Field Naval Air Station in Imperial Beach, California. We left for Yankee Station in 1970.

Home away from home, anchored in Hong Kong Harbor
I know I look about 15, but I was an old man at 24 when this photo was taken

We crossed the equator during the deployment and were promoted from lowly Polliwogs to Shellbacks as part of a Navy Tradition. It involved being baptized in a disgusting mix of salad dressing and kissing King Neptunes Belly. These were our Helo Pilots who dressed for the part.
King Neptune himself

Chief Hunter also dressed for the ceremony. He was assigned to one of the Fighter Suadrons and I enjoyed chatting with him. In my duties I delivered supplies to all the different squadrons and met some very interesting people.

Sadly I don't remember the names of the men I served with, It would be so easy today with Facebook and Smart Phones.

The HC-1 Crew

HC-1 Crew

Inside our Ready Room

Our Ready Room was just below the flight deck,