Sunday, November 20, 2016

Missing Photos and Dead Links

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Nine years ago my cousin Dave Poltrack was quoted in the Sacramento Bee:

"One of the things that's probably overstated by the press is how many people are visiting online blogs," Poltrack said in a presentation to TV critics. "I think you all blog each other, but I'm not sure the rest of the world is joining in the process that much."In a conversation later, Poltrack said he would guess the majority of people who do read blogs are bloggers themselves."That does not leave a whole lot of real people who spend their time with blogs," he said.

What’s the story here? (LOC)
Photo from LOC - Why not include it?

In December 2016 I will reach a minor milestone.  At that point I've been doing "this" for 10 years. By "this" I mean blogging, i.e. posting  photos and commentary on family affairs, politics, nature, science, the arts and anything else that captures my imagination. For me it is therapeutic and a bit of an ego boost since I can see that folks actually read this thing.

However I must apologize for some shortcomings. I test software for a profession and when I look at websites I am keenly aware of broken links and missing images. Ironically my site is full of these. My feeble excuse is that is not all my fault. Linked sites are taken down and the reader sees the classic 404 - Not Found Message.

At some point Google dropped support for their Picasa product and my links to photos broke. The broken images appear as a triangle with an exclamation point in the center. It is ugly and embarassing and I delete these when I find them.

However currently there are 792 postings and I have to decide whether to go back and fix the old ones or move forward.

Thank you for staying with this for so many years

I hate when this happens, a broken image link!