Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Your Vote Matters

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One year ago our community was fighting a corporation that attempting to take over land by eminent domain and construct a natural gas compressor station next to an elementary school. There were people that fought that politically. I intend to vote for them and for all the candidates that support the environment and social justice. I do not want to see an Attorney General Rudy Giulani, a Secretary of State Newt Gingrich  or a President Donald Trump.

Milford Labor Day Parade 2015

Laura Lynch and Mike Mansfield at Pipeline Resistance Rally - 2015
Lisa Beaudoin and Laura Lynch for State Representative (Vote for Both)

I was a Bernie supporter who will have no problem voting for Hillary
Dan Weeks

Lee Nyquist for State Senate

NOTE: Lee's political opponent has been lying about Lee's opposition to the pipeline with a number of lawn signs. Read the details at this Facebook Posting.

Peggy Gilmour

Learn about Trump's Picks for Scotus