Friday, December 16, 2016

It's My Birthday

Make the world go away

Where did the time go? I started this blog ten years ago with a posting about New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's appearance in New Hampshire, two years prior to the presidential primary. What was my motivation to start a blog? Why spend time on something like this?

I was looking for an online way to share photos, letters and other artifacts with my extended family. I maintained an email distribution list, sending out photos on folks birthdays. Not everyone was happy with so much spam, and it proved difficult to maintain. I moved on after that to a Google Group forum which proved popular until the 2000 election which got quite heated. I felt I had created a monster. Later I settled on this blog as the principal means of sharing family news. It was passive, no email lists, no fighting in the streets. Folks could read it or ignore it. 

I was able to share photos and scanned documents, even the lyrics to Hupaj Siupaj. I included some family history such as a slideshow of the Rockland Hotel. I threw in other tidb
its too, such as our experience with a roasted mouse and the famous sign controversy of 2007.

Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites have taken over the role of folks sharing photos and experiences but I see no need to stop doing this. I have a number of recurring themes which seem to be popular such as Look What I Saw at the Green Center.  This would be nothing if I didn't have folks that take the time to read it and in some cases povide comments. Thank you for your readership and the 170,457 page views.