Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trap Falls

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The New Ipswich Photo club chooses a monthly photo theme each month. We choose a  photographic subject or technique to encourage us to try new things.  I confess that I usually "cheat" by digging into my own archives. However this year I am going to stretch out a bit and use only current photos. The theme this month is "streams or flowing water". I took the short drive to Willard State Forest in Ashby, MA to Trap Falls and was pleased to find plenty of flowing water. I visited in the summer and it was bone dry.

Waterfalls are such a common photographic subject that I'm not sure how to produce anything that hadn't been done before in a thousand ways. The common approach is taking a long exposure to soften the flow and since I didn't have any ND filters, the slowest shot I took was at 1/30 second.

I decided my photos looked better in black and white or in this case sepia

The falls had a mix of ice and running water and I shot this into the light to capture the spray. This was taken at the relatively slow shutter speed of 1/30 second

High structure photo brings out the stones

A fast shutter hides the movement of the water. But I took a video too!