Friday, March 31, 2017

Where is Spring?

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It is the last day of March and we sit in wait for a major nor'easter with a dump of heavy wet snow. March is such cruel month, a taste of spring followed by winter's return. Yesterday I saw a glimmer of hope when I saw some daffodils poking through the leaf litter.

A glimmer of hope
 The weather is a bit more dependable indoors and starting in February a number of my houseplants bloom such as an Amaryllis.

This plant came from the New Ipswich Children's Fair

Pistil and Stamen

The flower was so heavy that it fell over. I had to prop it up with a stick

Thursday, March 30, 2017


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Good Morning, Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to see Mike Barra's portable sawmill in operation. It was something to see logs turned into boards.

Mike operating the sawmill

First cuts make nice campfire wood

Mike checks the cut

Adjusting the saw depth

A blizzard of sawdust

Log dogs hold everything in place. This requires a lot of physical work. 

A peavey hook helps positioning the log

Slice away

I was being watched