Friday, May 19, 2017

May Heat Wave

We had summer in May yesterday and it seemed like a good day to head to the shore. However even by the ocean there was no relief. However in New England all one has to do is wait a few hours and it all will change. Temperatures will return to normal on the weekend.

Lunch at Petey's before heading to Odiorne Point State Park

Great fish and chips

In 2014  I took this infrared photo of an apple tree at Odiorne, I love the shape of this tree,
It was in full bloom when we arrived. It was May but felt like August

I noticed that the branches that faced the sea had died since my last visit.

I spotted Homer Simpson's pet lobster Pinchy among the seaweed.

I was scrambling over the rocks trying to get a photo of some cormorants I took a tumble and went down hard. I used my body to protect the camera and was partially successful. It still works but the zoom motor sounds like a cement mixer. Ironically the photo was out of focus and not very interesting. The scratch is superficial but my ring finger is swollen. This is the price of my art.

Atlantic Ocean

If an "incident" occurs at Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant hopefully I'll have my transistor radio.