Saturday, July 15, 2017

Danger Everywhere

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In spite of these warnings, I managed to stay alive.  I do admit to being worried about being hit by a logging truck while in pursuit of a giant fake caterpillar.

MacMillan Provincial Park was used as the setting for several movies. I learned that the movie producers left behind several props including a fake caterpillar. Can you spot it?

I risked my life and limb and the life of my guide Angie WyseSeward for this stupid FAKE caterpillar. There were logging trucks racing by us at 80 KM/HR. It was terrifying.

"I did not want grampa to walk by himself so away I go. Steps away from semi trucks and cars doing at least 80km by us all for a picture. LMAO of a caterpillar that was left in the trees by some movie film. Tourist or what! He even had gravy on his fries" ~ Angie's comment

It is a three hour drive to get away from the coast


I didn't even consider it

This is why

Fire, Fire

Bears, wolves, cougars, poisonous plants and drowning danger

Appear Large

A cougar claw is an impressive thing to see