Sunday, July 23, 2017

Petroglyphs on Vancouver Island (Sproat Lake is the Best)

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Petroglyph Provincial Park 

One of my side excursions in Canada was a quick visit to Petroglyph Provincial Park located at the south end of Naniamo, BC on Vancouver Island. However I'll admit that I was a bit underwhelmed. They had concrete representations of the Petroglyphs because the originals were very hard to discern. Still it is thrilling to see images that have been created 1000 years ago.

Illustrations show what drawings were discovered

The flat rock surface had no petroglyph and appeared to be defaced a bit

These were the only images I could find on the actual rocks. A fence blocked another path which might have held other carvings.

Sproat Lake Provincial Park

In 2004 I saw a much more impressive collection of petroglyphs at Sproat Lake in Port Alberni, BC. These were much larger and carved on the side of a cliff. If you can only visit one, I would suggest Sproat Lake.


Many carvings

Sproat Lake is also home to Coulson Flying Tankers, a fleet of water bombers that fight forest fires.