Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Return to Gold River (2017)

We visited the pier at Gold River after an absence of 13 years. We were hoping to catch a ride on the Uchuck III  to Nootka Island. Sadly this was a case of poor planning on our part. I was dismayed to see that this beautiful spot is still an industrial site. At least the air quality has improved since my first visit in 1974.
One view from the view
Now the location of Western Forest Products. Judging by the lighting I'm guessing that this operation runs 24 hours a day.

What a view

The landslide was evident in 1974. My wife told me bears would migrate down the scar.

There are risks of course

Noisy but better than the pulp mill of the 1970s

Gold River

Site of the former reserve, now a parking lot for tourists

Former Reserve

Flashback to 1974. How would you like this in your backyard? Personal observation, it STINKS!

Pulp Mill 1974 which did pollute the water

My wife and her folks. We saw Joey on our 2017 trip

Meeting the family in 1974.