Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Woodman Museum

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The Woodman Museum in Dover may be the perfect place to visit on a rainy Saturday when you have time to look at stuff, tons of stuff from pinned butterflies to a Garrison from 1675. What an odd collection of items. 

There are plenty of dolls to see

Captured cannon from the war of 1812. The large white building in the rear contains a garrison built in 1675
The museum is actually made up of three buildings, this is the main building 
There are a number of large mammals that were shot by Dick Mathes in the late 1960s including this Alaskan Moose

I was surprised to see this native design from the Northwest. It was on the wall across from a collection of arrowheads from the Eastern Tribes

Can a clam eat a man?

Cases and cases of stuff

Future exhibit of more taxidermy
I couldn't get the entire stuffed polar bear into the camera frame, it stood over 10 feet high

The room of creepy dolls

It would interesting to visit the Ham and Weeks mine in Strafford, NH but it apparently access is limited.

The Ham and Weeks Educational and Recreational Area is currently operated by the Maine Mineralogical and Geological Society (MMGS). The site is leased by MMGS, and access is limited to MMGS members. According to the MMGS website:
There were numerous stuffed birds of all types, but I didn't spend much time in those rooms since I'm not a fan of taxidermy

Several rooms has weapons from the Civil War, WWI and WWII

I wonder why these had the spike on the top

The Garrison was a jewel of this museum, an original building from the 1600s. It is housed under a large protective building 
Interior shots of the Garrison

Some weather damage, but holding up pretty well for a building that is 342 years old

Fire Equipment 
Every museum needs a cannon

Nice grounds